COVID-19 and Mental Health Research

You can find an ongoing compendium of work by the COVID-19 Mental Health Measurement Working Group here.

Recent Publications:

  • Holingue, C., Badillo-Goicoechea, E., Riehm, K.E., Veldhuis, C., Thrul, J., Johnson, R.M., Fallin, D.M., Kreuter, F., Stuart, E.A., and Kalb, L.G. (2020). Mental Distress during the COVID-19 Pandemic among US Adults without a Pre-existing Mental Health Condition: Findings from American Trend Panel Survey. Forthcoming in Preventive Medicine. Available online 3 August 2020. Article Link

  • Riehm, K.E.., Holingue, C., Kalb, L.G., Bennett, D., Kapteyn, A., Jiang, Q., Veldhuis,C., Johnson, R.M., Fallin, M.D., Kreuter, F., Stuart, E.A., and Thrul, J. (2020). Associations Between Media Exposure and Mental Distress Among U.S. Adults at the Beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Article Link

  • Kreuter, F., Barkay, N., Bilinski, A., Bradford, A., Chiu, S., Eliat, R., Fan, J., Galili, T., Haimovich, D., Kim, B., LaRocca, S., Li, Y., Morris, K., Presser, S., Sarig, T., Salomon, J.A., Stewart, K., Stuart, E.A., and Tibshirani, R. (2020). Partnering with a global platform to inform research and public policy making. Survey Research Methods. Journal of the European Survey Research Association 14(2). Survey Research Methods during the COVID-19 crisis : 159-163.

  • McGinty, E.E., Presskreischer, R., Han, H., and Barry, C.L. (2020). Psychological distress and loneliness reported by US adults in 2018 and April 2020. Journal of the American Medical Association. Published online June 3, 2020.