Selected Papers

  • Holingue, C., Badillo-Goicoechea, E., **Riehm, K.E., Veldhuis, C., Thrul, J., Johnson, R.M., Fallin, D.M., Kreuter, F., Stuart, E.A., and Kalb, L.G. (2020). Mental Distress during the COVID-19 Pandemic among US Adults without a Pre-existing Mental Health Condition: Findings from American Trend Panel Survey. Forthcoming in Preventive Medicine. Available online 3 August 2020. [Pubmed link] (

  • McCourt, A., Crifasi, C., Wintemute, G., Kagawa, R., Vernick, J., Stuart, E.A., and Webster, D. (in press). Effects of Purchaser Licensing and Point-of-Sale Background Check Laws on Firearm Homicide and Suicide in Four States. Forthcoming in American Journal of Public Health.

  • Krawczyk, N., Mojtabai, R.M., Stuart, E.A., Fingerhood, M., Agus, D., Lyons, B.C., Weiner, J., and Saloner, B. (in press). Opioid agonist treatment and fatal overdose risk in a statewide U.S. population receiving opioid use disorder services. Forthcoming in Addiction. Published online February 24, 2020. [Pubmed link] (

  • 1 Landa, R.,Gross, A., Stuart, E.A., and Faherty, A. (2013). Developmental trajectories in children with and without autism spectrum disorders: The first three years. Child Development 84(2): 429-442. PMCID: PMC4105265. [Pubmed link] ( 23110514)

  1. Paper [highlighted] ( efficacy-leap-teacch-non-model-specific-special-education-programs-preschoolers-autism- spectrum-disorders) by the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee as one of the papers having the greatest impact on the field with regard to questions about “When should I be concerned?” ↩︎