Propensity Score Software (SAS)

SAS Code 1

PSMATCH Procedure

  • Documentation
  • Variety of tools for propensity score analysis by: inverse probability of treatment / ATT weighting, stratification, or matching methods.
  • Methods for assessing the balance of baseline covariates and other variables in the treated and control groups

Local and global optimal propensity score matching

  • Coca-Perraillon, M. (2007). Local and global optimal propensity score matching.
  • In SAS Global Forum 2007. Paper 185-2007.
  • Variety of matching methods. No built in diagnostics. Assumes propensity score already estimated.


Greedy matching (1:1 nearest neighbor)

1:1 Mahalanbois matching within propensity score calipers


Variable ratio matching, optimal matching algorithm

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