Software for Sensitivity Analysis

Software for performing sensitivity analyses to an unobserved confounder


  • rbounds: An R package for sensitivity analysis with matched data (L. Keele).
  • sensitivity function in twang package (G. Ridgeway et al.).


  • rbounds: Stata module to perform Rosenbaum sensitivity analysis for average treatment effects on the treated (M. Gangl)
  • sensatt: A simulation-based sensitivity analysis for matching estimators (T. Nannicini)
    • Nannicini T. (2007). A Simulation-Based Sensitivity Analysis for Matching Estimators. Stata Journal, 7(3), 334-350
    • Ichino A., Mealli F., Nannicini T. (2008). From Temporary Help Jobs to Permanent Employment: What Can We Learn from Matching Estimators and their Sensitivity? Journal of Applied Econometrics, 23(3), 305-327.


  • Love, T.E. (2008) Spreadsheet-based sensitivity analysis calculations for matched samples. Center for Health Care Research & Policy, Case Western Reserve University.