Propensity Score Software (Stata)

Stata Code

teffects suite

  • Stata written causal inference commands for matching and weighting
  • Includes balance diagnostics, 1:1 matching, weighting, doubly robust approaches


  • Leuven, E. and Sianesi, B. (2003). psmatch2. Stata module to perform full Mahalanobis and propensity score matching, common support graphing, and covariate imbalance testing.
  • Allows k:1 matching, kernel weighting, Mahalanobis matching
  • Includes built-in diagnostics
  • Includes procedures for estimating ATT or ATE


  • Becker, S.O. and Ichino, A. (2002). Estimation of average treatment effects based on propensity scores (2002) The Stata Journal 2(4): 358-377.
  • k:1 matching, radius (caliper) matching, and stratification (subclassification)
  • For estimating the ATT